The HamHUD was originally developed by Steve Bragg KA9MVA. It is a "heads up display" that can be used for APRS. The HamHUD website is at Steve also developed SmartBeaconing which is used to vary the beacon rate based on speed, plus it is capable of "corner pegging" when you turn a corner. The HamHUD II Rev E kits were put together by Jason KE4NYV with thanks to Dale Seaburg KG5LT for porting it over to a PIC18F252. The HamHUD connects to a GPS, a TNC and a radio. The whole package becomes a SmartBeaconing tracker with receive capabilities. It will show position reports for other stations and allows you to receive APRS messages and bulletins, as well as send from a dozen canned messages, plus you can enter a custom message with the whiz wheel. Because it has SmartBeaconing, it's more than a "poor man's D700"... it's actually better!


TNC-X Case

Nicely machined case for HamHUD II rev E. The circuit board slides into a slot in the case.

HamHUD II rev E waiting to be assembled

HamHUD II rev E waiting to be assembled

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