VE7GDH Micro-Trak 300




Micro-Trak 300

The Micro-Trak 300 by VHS Products is available from It is a 300 mW transmitter operating on 144.390 MHz with embedded TinyTrak 3. The early versions came with the SMT version of the TT3. Newer ones use a regular PIC16F628 right on the Micro-Trak circuit board, the same as is used in a TT3. You supply an enclosure, antenna, batteries and connect a GPS. I intend to mount one on my mountain bike and see if the 300 mW signal is enough to provide decent coverage.

Micro-Trak 300

Micro-Trak 300 (x 3)

Micro-Trak 300 with SMT TT3 - not soldered in place yet.

The first version of the Micro-Trak 300 used an SMT TT3. Size is about 2.5 cm x 7.5 cm.

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