VE7GDH TinyTrak





The TinyTrak was developed by Byon Garrabrant N6BG at  The TinyTrak 3 is an APRS tracker. It is a transmit only device, but listens to see if the frequency is clear before it transmits. It is capable of compressed beacons in MIC-E format and can do SmartBeaconing. If you have any trouble downloading it from Byon's site, there's a copy of the  configuration file here. The 1060 KB file is version 1.2, downloaded Jan 16 2007.

The TinyTrak 3+ is identical to the "3" version, but has a larger voltage regulator capable of powering a typical GPS receiver. The TinyTrak SMT is the surface mount version.

The TinyTrak 4 is currently in beta testing. It can be set up as a tracker functioning like a TinyTrak 3, but it is also a KISS mode TNC that can both send and receive at 300, 1200 and 9600 bps. It will also be capable of running PSK31.

TinyTrak 3+ with larger 7805A voltage regulator

TinyTrak 3+. It has a larger voltage regulator than the
standard TinyTrak 3 so it can power a 5V GPS receiver.

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