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UI-View is a 32 bit Windows based APRS client. The author Roger Barker G4IDE became a silent key in September of 2004. He is sadly missed, but UI-View lives on. It is still the most popular APRS client anywhere. While the program itself won't be developed any further, new add-ons are still being created.

UI-View can be downloaded from

The end of November and the beginning of December 2006 brought major wind storms with snow in between. This screenshot (not the one below) shows APRS stations heard on RF (direct or via a digi as of 1025 am Dec 15 2006) at VE7GDH's location on Salt Spring Island. It doesn't represent all APRS stations that were on the air - just stations that used a path that made it to my location. The 146 KB image is 1376 x 891 pixels, so be prepared to scroll.


Screenshot of UI-View32 Nov 5 2006 showing Victoria / Vancouver / Seattle areas.

NWS radar displayed as underlay in UI-View32 - intense storm passing through!