VE7GDH Tracker 2




Tracker 2

The Tracker 2 comes in several flavors. The OT2m, which is a "stand-alone" unit which can be a tracker, a digipeater a KISS mode TNC or a weather station. It has an onboard temperature sensor and like the regular OTs, it can also include the supply voltage in its beacons. The T2-135 lacks the temperature sensor and voltage capabilities, but installs right inside an Alinco DR-135T or any of that series, replacing the stock TNC if it was supplied. The T2-301 lacks the on-board temperature sensor and mounts inside a 5W frequency agile transceiver about twice the size of a deck of playing cards.

The Tracker 2 series can use an FMI cable with a Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS receiver. When in FMI (fleet management interface) mode, the on-screen keyboard on the GPS can be used for sending APRS messages, and received messages can be displayed on the screen. Received position reports can also be uploaded as waypoints to the GPS. While some other Nuvi models also have FMI mode, they don't handle waypoint upload properly, leading to multiple copies of waypoints on the map.