When this screenshot was taken back around 2010, I was not yet set up for PSK31, but I had DigiPan running and it was able to decode the audio that the mic built into the laptop picks up from the HF rigs speaker. The screenshot shows a QSO between VE7AXU and WA6CJK. Sorry for the horizontal scrolling, but I wanted to keep it readable. The new version of DigiPan can decode multiple PSK31 signals all at the same time. It also includes PSK63 (for faster typists) as well as PSK31. PSK31 users will recognize the familiar "waterfall" at the bottom of the screen. It gives a visual representation of each QSO that is within your bandwidth. Just click on one of the vertical streams to select it, or click on the line of text that represents it on the right. If you look closely, you will see that the QSO below was at about 2000 Hz.

I have since acquired a SignaLink USB to interface with the HF rig and make the occasional PSK-31 contact with it. One summer, I left it running PSK-63 for UI-View on 30M with good success. The SignaLink USB has its own sound card built in. It makes for a neat installation with just one cable going to the HF rigs 6 pin mini-DIN "data" connector and just a USB cable to the computer.


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