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The Internet Relay Linking Project was started in Vancouver BC by Dave Cameron VE7LTD. Read all about it at  The first IRLP node I was involved with was node 1147 for Squamish. The next year, I decided to set up my own node and have node 1148 running on Salt Spring Island. The embedded-node computer for node 1148 was powered on for some time, but  a radio was (finally!) connected to it on Dec 8 2006. It is only putting out 5 Watts into an indoor quarter wave, so coverage is a bit limited for now. Even though the hardware for node 2010 was ordered at the same time, but it was finally made operational just with a couple of weeks before the 2010 Winter Olympics! The ski development at Whistler was really started to try and attract the Winter Olympics to Canada, but Calgary ended up edging out Whistler to host the Winter Games in 1988. Whistler / Vancouver will finally get their chance in 2010 with the party starting on Feb 12 2010 in Vancouver. Whistler Mountain (as Garibaldi lift Company) opened in 1964. I first skied there in 1967, and later skied there from about 1983 to 1999, usually getting in about 100-150 days each season. Prior to my "visit" to Whistler, I had spent about ten years or so doing "150 day seasons" at Apex Mountain near Penticton BC. Amateur radio has come a long way since then, when an HT meant something about the size of a large brick and nearly as expensive as a small car, and IRLP has been a nice addition.


Embedded IRLP Node - Fanless Case

Embedded IRLP Node - Fanless Case. This will be IRLP Node 1148 when completed.

Alinco DR-135 sitting on top of Embedded Node 1148

Alinco DR-135 sitting on top of Embedded Node 1148. I'm not going to work
any DX with that dummy load connected! View the Status Page for Node 1148.

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