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UI-View The official UI-View web site, including links to add-ons. Home of the TinyTrak3, Micro-Trak 300 and other APRS devices. Scott N1VG's OpenTracker site... OT, OT1X, OT 1M, Tracker2 etc. TNC-X by John W2FS. KISS-mode TNC with USB and X-DIGI add-ons.
HamHUD The HamHUD is a mobile "heads up display" for APRS.
NWAPRS See suggested settings for APRS digipeaters.
XASTIR APRS Client for Linux (and other!) users.
WA8LMF Stephen WA8LMF has detailed information on UI-View.
APRS Spec This 785 KB zip file contains the APRS spec in PDF format.
IRLP The official IRLP site. Node 1148 is now running on Salt Spring Island.